The sky is awake!

Hi, I would like a look-alike and personality.
My name is Rachel Alexa.
My favorite color is lavender.
My dream is to be a physical therapist so I can help people.
I would describe myself as shy, calm, and nervous.

Hi Hun!!
You look like Aurora
Your personality is like Elsa!!

Have a good evening
- Cupcake

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Cinderella (1950)

If you could look like any Disney character who would you pick?:)


We see the light.



I just LOVE the animation here. The part with just their hands looks real. And I love the way Gothel’s fingers go from motherly gentle touch to creepy and evil. Beautiful

#I really apprecciate this gif#because when you’re in an abusive relationship often nothing seems wrong until you try to stand up for yourself#that loving pat tranforms into a claw when she defends herself#but really it was a claw all along(via)

Tangled actually did a better job capturing an emotionally abusive relationship than most other things I’ve seen. And I don’t just mean when Gothel kidnapped her and lied to her about who she was. It was everything. She kept Rapunzel with her by cutting people out of her life and destroying her self-esteem. She puts her down and doesn’t allow her to feel confident at all. Recall when Rapunzel states she thinks Flynn likes her, Gothel blows her off with, “But just look at you. You think he’s impressed?” She also constantly makes Rapunzel feel responsible for everything that goes wrong. When they get in the argument in the beginning, Gothel victimizes herself and does her best to make Rapunzel feel guilty for asking her for a simple favor. It’s so textbook. And immediately after anything, she treats Rapunzel by promising her favourite soup and reminding her, “I love you most” to reel her back into that false sense of security.
And back to the animation of how she didn’t notice the maternal and loving hand was actually a malicious claw until she realised she was in an abusive relationship. Basically, Tangled is a really important movie, and the fact Gothel is so familiar to those of us who have experienced abuse is good because children are going to watch this and look for Gothels in their own lives.


Now this is a great necklace!


Disney´s Briar Rose / Aurora / Sleeping Beauty OOAK doll. As base I used a Mackie molded Barbie doll, she has a full facial repaint, her bangs are cut and her hair is restyled. She is wearing a handsewn outfit I made long time ago. Commissioned Repaint.